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WORKSHOP: "Finding the needle in the haystack: A personal view of applying for EU funding"
Time: Friday, 20th of October, 18h

Prof. Noellie Brockdorff, University of Malta (Malta)
Professor Brockdorff, a long-term project and package leader of various EU projects will share with the audience "insider" stories about the process of becoming a successful in choosing, submitting, winning and processing European grants. She herself has a vast experience with every part of this process and was leading her institution from the time where there were no infrastructure into becoming one of the most accomplished departments within Europe.
Noellie Brockdorff has a PhD in Cognitive Psychology from the University of Birmingham. She is Head of the Department of Cognitive Science and Dean of the Faculty of Media and Knowledge Sciences. Her research interests comprise cognitive science and cognitive neuroscience focusing on decision making, memory, conceptualizations and perceptions of privacy, as well as perceptions of security and risk. She has published research on categorization, recognition memory, and perspective-taking in leading academic journals and conferences. Additionally, she has over 25 years’ experience in directing, designing and conducting consumer behaviour and market research projects for leading international companies.
For many years, professor Brockdorff collaborated with and provided input to inter-disciplinary initiatives of the Law & IT Research Unit (now the Department of Information Policy & Governance) of the University of Malta focusing on legal reasoning, artificial intelligence and cognitive science applications in law. She is also part of cross-disciplinary and multi-national teams working on EU-funded research projects; in particular, she has been Work Package coordinator in three projects, funded by the EU under the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7), dealing with citizen perceptions, attitudes, and decision making relating to giving consent on the Internet, privacy and surveillance. Currently, she is Work Package coordinator in two projects funded by the European Union's Horizon2020 programme, CARISMAND and CITYCoP, dealing with risk perceptions, security and fear of crime. In CARISMAND, she additionally holds the position of deputy project co-coordinator.